Raw Milk Benefits

We are proud to have Whole Raw Organic Milk from the Pride and Joy Dairy in our store.  We offer 1/2 gallon & 1 gallon sizes.  Contact us to be added to our list of raw milk customers.  

Interested in Whole Raw Goat milk? We have that too, it is supplied to us from The Good Shepherd's farm, located right here in Wenatchee. 

FAQ about raw goat milk

FAQ about raw milk




Why Buy Bulk Food?


Purchasing bulk foods is an economical way to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars.  For large institutions, bulk purchases are a necessity, but the average family can save hundreds of $$ a month by doing the same.  Instead of paying for fancy packaging in small quantities at much higher prices, bulk food purchases make your dollars really count.  Our products come in individual cans, buckets or bags (up to 50 lbs) without fancy labels and expensive packaging with the same great quality you've come to expect.

Bulk foods are concentrated. A single #10 can (gallon size) of food contains a huge quantity of food. Comparatively speaking, this size can represent anywhere from 12 - 70 servings from a single can, depending on the food. Try that at the supermarket!

Dehydrated foods have come a long way in the last few years. Coming close in flavor and texture to their expensive freeze-dried cousins, these foods not only taste great but can often be prepared in the same amount of time it takes to prepare food purchased from the grocery store. We specialize in bulk foods. Unlike the tiny boxes you purchase in the grocery store, when you buy bulk from us your cost per pound often drops to a few pennies compared to 3-8 times as much per pound at your local store.

Shelf life for bulk foods in cans or buckets is anywhere from 7 - 30 years!! No refrigeration required (if the power goes out, your food is still safe). Shelf life is dependent upon many factors, such as temperature, oxygen and moisture. See the above link for more information.


Dried and dehydrated food can be stored just about anyplace and will be ready when you need it.  Even though our packages are larger then the store-bought variety, bulk foods can be easily stored just about anyplace. If properly stored in cans or buckets, your food is quite safe from dust, rodents and insects!

Our packaging doesn't contain a lot of empty air of fancy labels (which is the biggest cost for food today). A single can of dehydrated fruit for example, represents several cases of "wet pack" canned vegetables. You will need far less storage space for our foods then what you would require (or currently use) for supermarket foods.


Buying food now is actually a sound financial investment. Everybody has to eat, but the cost of food continues to rise each year.  Food is now one of the largest single monthly purchases consumers make today. Purchasing food in bulk quantities maximizes your return by buying food for the future at today's prices.  Strategies such as this can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Just the savings alone in fewer trips to the grocery store at today's high gas prices can make a considerable difference in your monthly budget.

We'd like to invite you to take a look at our products, compare our prices with your grocery store, assess your needs, then feel free to come down and visit and see how we can help you.

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